Welcome to South Florida’s premier DJ service. If you are looking for a DJ to make your event the best it can be, exactly how you have envisioned it, then Unlimited DJ Service is the answer. As you may know life is unpredictable. After building and running a successful DJ business in North Carolina the unexpected happened...my wife got a wonderful job opportunity in South Florida. Now, I get to bring my years of experience to a whole new state. I’m glad you found this website and I encourage you to read on to see a little bit about me and my DJ philosophy.

If you have searched on other deejay’s websites, you have no doubt experienced the “splash effect”. The home page is littered with colors and pictures of people on the dance floor, seemingly having a good time. (There may even be loud music blaring through your speakers.) As you can see, I have a different perspective. Experience has taught me that most brides and grooms don’t want their reception to resemble a club scene. Most brides and grooms are looking for fun, but also class and elegance. After all, they want grandma, grandpa, mom, dad and countless other relatives to enjoy themselves along with the younger cousins and their college friends.

I don’t throw generic pictures up on the home page for one simple reason...I want you to know that this day is about YOU.

First impressions are very important. If I can convey one thing to you, it is that I understand your day is unique. I don’t have a logo or obnoxious music playing in order to try and convince you that I’m “edgy”. Again, it’s not about me...it’s about YOU. The words of my clients are on the “Testimonials” page. The pictures of clients and guests having a great time are on the “Photos” page. You are welcomed and encouraged to look through them. But here, on the home page where we start, I want you to see that I am a blank canvas ready to help YOUR vision become reality.

You see, other DJ’s are still trying to fit your event into their typical show. They do what they want and hope that you like it. (What are the chances that their tastes and your desires are an exact match?) Unlimited DJ Service does things differently. I do what you want. Sure, I know all of the traditional dances, songs and activities. But what if you want to customize your show?  Pick and choose a mix of traditional and unique? Change your mind during the show because you've decided you want to hear nothing but tangos?  No problem! It's your day. My specialty, and the thing that sets me apart from other DJs, is extraordinary service.

I could give you all the technical data for my equipment, tell you how great I am at leading dances and motivating the crowd, and say how much my clients love the service I provide but I would rather have a one on one conversation about YOUR event and let you read my clients’ words for yourself if you wish.

Here is what you will get when you hire me...

I customize my show to you. I play what you want and stay away from what you don’t want to hear. If you want elegant and classy, rowdy and fun, or a style that's all your own - I'm there to make sure it happens.

I make sure all activities occur according to YOUR schedule. It’s your day. I will make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

I act as a coordinator and work seamlessly with your other vendors. You have hired other professionals to provide for or capture the moments of your event. I make sure that they know what is coming up so they can execute their jobs to please you.

I'm not "just a DJ". 

I am a master of ceremonies, event coordinator, problem solver and all around go-to guy.

I have passed out Champagne glasses, provided needle and thread and countless safety pins from my emergency kit, lit candles, refilled drinks for the bride and groom during dinner, carried the bride’s plate through the buffet so that she didn’t get anything on her dress, solved issues before they became problems and more...

The phrase “that’s not the deejay’s job” is not in my vocabulary. I am there to be of SERVICE to you in whatever capacity you need at that moment.

If you are looking for someone who will make your event a reflection of you, work behind-the-scenes to ensure that it is successfully coordinated, and treat you like royalty, please give me a call or contact me via email.

I look forward to working with you to make your day full of Unlimited Service, Unlimited Fun and Unlimited Memories.

Unlimited Service

Unlimited Fun

Unlimited Memories


South Florida

from Miami to Port St. Lucie